In 2006 GTS developed an online project management tool to track data and communications during tool design.  It has been in use on a daily basis by the GTS team and our customers for 11 years.  In Sept. of 2017 we rolled out the 4th rewrite of the software which has been refined to better conform to the mold design process. This website provides everyone on your team the ability to communicate with our design center, upload data & information, review design status, review all communication history as well as the ability to download all records and design files.

Software Features

  • Upload and document the latest part data to team members. 
part data control.jpg


  • Email notification of team members in support of site activity with download access of files.
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  • All communication is recorded under your job number and can be viewed by anyone on your team at any time.
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  • Job status is updated regularly so that you can verify that your job is the progressing or is at risk of being held up due to a lack of direction or information.
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